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  • Nane nane Kakonko-Kigoma

    Nane nane Kakonko-Kigoma

    Deogratius KIMENA | 05-09-2019

    Nane nane is one of national holiday in Tanzania observed on 8th August each year, also referred to as Farmers’ Day. During this day all Tanzanian are celebrating the contribution of Agriculture in to the national economy. In Tanzania agriculture is termed as the backbone of country economy due to the...

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  • Cassava Improved Technologies

    Cassava Improved Technologies

    Deogratius KIMENA | 03-08-2019

    SAKiRP promoted use of technology to small scale farmers which help them producing quality cassava flower that can be used to make different types of food and snark.

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  • Field Farmer Day

    Farmer Field Day

    Deogratius KIMENA | 12-05-2019

    A picture showing extension officer elaborating to villagers and farmers good practices for cassava production during Farmer Day at Kazuramimba Uvinza.

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