About Open.Enabel

This website shows information of all of Enabel’s projects and programmes, international contributions and expenses.

A few words on aid transparency

In 2012, by joining the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) – www.aidtransparency.net – Belgium committed to guaranteeing aid transparency by means of results reporting about Belgium’s development cooperation results.

Anyone interested in development cooperation, such as cooperation actors, partners or authorities, should be able to get an overview of the results obtained through Belgium’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) funds. Transparency of public aid flows is essential for ensuring aid effectiveness. It allows donors to effectively coordinate their efforts and avoid double use or gaps in aid, whereas partner countries can better plan their budgets. Either one of them can be held accountable by the other or vis-à-vis elected representatives, civil society or directly by citizens.

International cooperation is in Belgium’s DNA and transparency is an integral part of contemporary policy. Obviously, our country and its development agency Enabel adhere to this international approach.

What exactly is Open.Enabel?

On Open.Enabel you find all of Enabel’s projects and programmes, international contributions and spending. All of this, transparently.

Project and programme searches are by standard data such as country of execution, donor(s), sector of activity or execution phase. Combined searches are also possible and provide the most complete view possible of how aid is distributed.

The projects themselves regularly post stories and results under the ‘News’ tab so the site’s visitor can follow recent activities and project evolutions. This information can be shared on social media via a share button

The information is given in its original format, i.e. in the working language of the country of operation (French, English or Spanish).

Whilst Enabel does everything possible to optimise the quantity and quality of the information, some restrictions do apply. Confidential data or information that could put in danger partners or individuals are not posted.

Transparency as we understand it in this context is a continuous process that we are committed to pursue whilst ensuring that the information is always further elaborated.

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