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Michael’s welding business in Uganda thrives despite set-backs

  • Michael’s welding business thrives despite set-backs

Michael Anyama, is a 34-year-old Ugandan, whose encounter with a training opportunity from Windle International in 2018 changed his life. Despite lacking prior experience in welding, Michael recognized his potential and decided to seize the opportunity to learn.

The six-month training, followed by a three-month internship, provided Michael with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in welding. Under the guidance of experienced instructors at a welding workshop in Adjumani, he honed his abilities in accurate measurements and proficient fabricating techniques.

By the end of the program, Michael was equipped with not only technical expertise but also valuable business skills, such as effective advertising on social media platforms.

After completing his internship, Michael was eager to launch his own welding business, but financial constraints delayed his plans. He therefore turned to growing maize and simsim in order to raise capital. Gradually, with extra boost from a loan he acquired from a savings group that he is a member of, Michael accumulated the funds needed to kick-start his welding venture.

In 2019, armed with capital of UGX 3,000,000 (833$), Michael officially launched "A Mike Metal Fabrics." His dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned him a steady stream of orders and a growing reputation in the community and he was also able to pay off the loan.

“The biggest order I have ever got was to fabricate doors and windows for a whole house and I was able to make a profit of UGX 600,000 (167$)".

However, like any journey to success, Michael encountered obstacles along the way. The breakdown of his generator posed a significant challenge, hindering his ability to work on-site. Despite this setback, Michael is still determined to overcome adversity and continue pursuing his passion for welding.

His workshop is a hub of creativity, with doors and gates on display showcasing his talent. As orders poured in, Michael expanded his team, employing two part-time staff members, one of whom he personally trained.

Michael has no regrets for pursuing welding. Each obstacle he faces serves as a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination to succeed.

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