European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) - Support Programme for Refugee settlements in Northern Uganda (SPRS-NU) Livelihood and Labor Market Relevant Skills Development for Refugees & Host Communities


Project summary

The intervention will be carried out under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, focussing on access to skills development and entrepreneurship guidance and services for youth, women and girls (refugees and host communities) in three districts in North-Western Uganda. As the absence of vocational skills form a major barrier for personal development and increased livelihoods, and as formal employment is in the given region often scarce, the project will provide the necessary funding and expertise for skills training and entrepreneurial know-how for the targeted beneficiaries.

The intervention will therefore focus on 2 specific results, being:

Result 1: Increased access to quality skills development (training, entrepreneurial skills and start-up kits) for refugees and host communities (with a specific focus on youth, women and girls) in the three targeted areas

Result 2: Skills development in the three districts is coordinated and aligned with the Skilling Uganda strategy

The two results combined will strengthen youth, women and girls from the host communities and refugee communities to acquire skills necessary to improve their standard of living, and find or create a job. Thanks to result 2, this will happen in a more coordinated and aligned manner, allowing a proper certification of acquired skills, a national accreditation of skills development programmes and an improved integration of skills development activities in the refugee coordination structures. This should reduce tensions between populations (being the second result of the programme), and should also lead to a lesser ratio of the population solely living from (subsistence) agriculture.

Code UGA160321T
Start date 01 July 2016
End date 30 November 2024
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 11330 Vocational training
Budget 7 383 238.00 €

General objective

To sustainably improve food security, nutrition and livelihoods of the refugee population

Specific objective

A - To enhance ‘livelihood and labour market relevant’ skills for youth and women of the refugees and host communities through Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Support


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