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Improve Teachers Secondary Education in National Teachers’ College Mubende and Kabale

NTC Mubende & Kabale
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It has been observed that pedagogy can be enhanced outside the classroom and brought closer through student’s participation and practice in college projects. If the students are to participate in their own development and have a positive impact on the transformation of their communities as they grow, such projects are just the thing to expose them to the right experiences that will prepare them for action at all levels. With projects activities based on group levels, students can participate in different projects on daily basis and improve on their pedagogic skills.

National Teachers’ College (NTC)Kabale has embarked on integrating pedagogic projects into their teaching process for the development of teacher practical skills and sustainability. These pedagogical projects include the usage of drip irrigation in farming, preparation of terraces and manufacturing organic manure after harvesting.

Through this, students are exposed to practical experiences relevant to improving their skills which is suitable for their education. Students are also empowered to transform their communities by deriving appropriate solutions to community challenges through inculcating creativity and entrepreneurial skills to initiate and manage projects that are economically viable.

Students are being taught skills which will transform them into trainers of other students and communities around the college and beyond. They are equipped with field research that can allow them to write research findings from real life practice and usage of scientific procedures. This pedagogic approach will not only contribute to clear understanding of basic research principles but will also in future guide students into opportunities of making professional choices in arts and sciences based on skills attained as well as teaching.

It is intended that these projects will be run as enterprises for profit motive, so that the learners leave the college with minds of entrepreneurship, creativity and business innovation. It is expected that the initial capital will sustain the projects and also generate income continuously. The lessons learnt from these projects will enrich student’s knowledge and skills in handling their final examination especially in the area of field work projects and thereafter in teaching.  

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