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Improve Teachers Secondary Education in National Teachers’ College Mubende and Kabale

NTC Mubende & Kabale
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One of the main objectives of the TTE project implemented by Enabel in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports is to improve the quality of teacher training by introducing a learner-centered approach to teaching known as the Active Teaching and Learning (ATL). This means that the learning systems shift focus from the teacher to the student and provoke independent reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking. Through ATL, students are more likely to retain a higher percentage of knowledge and skills because they engage with materials, participate in and out of the classroom and exchange information with their peers.

School Practice Workshop

Every year, National Teachers’ College (NTC) Mubende organizes a school practice workshop which brings together both students and teachers from the college and Partner Secondary Schools with the aim improving teacher education. The recent school practice workshops have focused on reflective discussions on the Continuous and Final School Practice activities, improving professionalism and skills in pedagogy.

The school practice workshops initially emerged as a result of the need to develop strategies that recognize the training and preparation of student teachers to apply and perfect the teaching methods and techniques during and after the final school practice. It is also intended to refresh, inspire student teachers and enliven their school practice. This year’s school practice workshop gave room to a little friendly teaching competition that show-cased the skills of the student teachers and assessed their competences in lesson planning, use of teaching and learning resources and ATL methodologies. It is during this competition that student teachers are judged on how they applied Active Teaching and Learning techniques and a prize awarded to the best student teacher.

Ms. Rebecca Nalumansi a student of Art and Design at NTC Mubende and prize winner of the recently concluded school practice workshop shares her story.

“Before the competitions, we had adequate training from our lecturers and we were also given opportunities to practice through a series of micro-teaching lessons from nearby secondary schools like St. Susan and Christ the King Secondary Schools. Such instances not only developed our confidence but also gave us a chance to make improvements in the practice of teaching”, she said.

She also stated that during the planning session for the contest, she considered a number of activities, methods, techniques and assessment modes that enabled active participation for her learners.

“I am a better teacher because of the exposure I have had to Active Teaching and Learning methods and this is through the support of Enabel. I plan to be the best teacher always.”  

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