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Uganda: ICT Device Scheme launched in the National Teachers’ Colleges

  • ICT Device Scheme launched in the National Teachers’ Colleges

To enhance the quality of secondary teacher education, there is a need to use Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) tools, digital educational resources and the Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) within the National Teachers’ Colleges (NTCs). Enabel, through the TTE project, last year launched an ICT device scheme in the five teacher training colleges in Uganda to improve teaching and learning outcomes in the colleges.

The device scheme enables NTC staff and students to use ICT equipment to access digital and educational resources for various reasons. These include: Lesson scheming and planning, creating digital educational resources, conducting assignments, researching, accessing the Moodle LMS and the TTE Sandbox and applying Technology Enhanced Learning inside the classrooms. 

A total of 480 tablets have been provided to all the five NTCs, with each college accessing 96 tablets.

Two modes of circulation ensure the uptake of ICT equipment. The ‘TEL learning Box’ and the ‘Library circulation systems’. Under the TEL learning Box circulation system, 60 tablets are available for four departments per college. This circulation mode provides NTC staff access to a portable box consisting of 15 tablets, 1 portable Mifi, a one-off data bundle, 1 multi-charging station and 1 TEL manual providing tips and tools to use the tablet in the classroom. The TEL boxes are also available for students during micro-teaching sessions. 

On the other hand, the Library circulation system provides access to 36 tablets per college for personal use. These are available for Students and Partner Secondary School teachers and are managed and tracked by the librarians using Koha Library System.

That’s not all! A new digital tool dubbed ‘AssetTiger’ has been introduced to manage the ICT device scheme for efficiently leasing tablets. AssetTiger is an online asset management tool that allows NTCs to rent and track valuable ICT equipment and their details.

More about the leasing scheme:

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