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Uganda: Learning Music Like Never Before

  • Learning Music Like Never Before – Uganda

In National Teachers' College (NTC) Mubende, music lessons have been conducted in theory for many years, hindering students from experiencing and expressing themselves musically. As much as music theory plays a crucial role in one's appreciation of the architecture of Music, practicing it with instruments goes beyond learning and memorizing keys, notes, pitches and chords. Musical instruments boost students' memories and increase their cognitive skills and interest in learning. They contribute to the academic success of students and teachers and provide a fun and informative learning experience that allows students to tap into their creativity.

Music Fund donates musical instruments to NTC Mubende

The music department at NTC Mubende can finally put the old way of teaching Music behind them, thanks to the Music Fund. Music Fund is a Belgian non-profit association that donates refurbished musical instruments to music schools and socio-artistic projects in conflict zones, developing countries and Europe. 

Through Enabel, Music Fund generously donated a consignment of 160 musical instruments to NTC Mubende early this year to improve the teaching and learning experience for students and teacher trainers in NTC Mubende’s music department. Among the musical instruments donated are 50 new ¾ nylon string guitars, 50 new flute recorders, 50 second-hand Ukuleles and 25 second-hand classical guitars.

A new learning experience

Katongole Elmar, a music student at NTC Mubende, said that before receiving new musical instruments at the college, he conducted school practice by referring to a pamphlet that describes different musical instruments and their functions. He said, “During school practice, I taught students about instruments I have never seen before. I am grateful to Music Fund for its donation to our music program. We have more than enough instruments for the entire class and can practice without competing for the same instruments. Unlike our predecessors, we will leave well-equipped with musical skills”.

The mode of music instruction at NTC Mubende has changed, enabling each student to touch, play, feel and listen to the instruments. With various new musical instruments, music lecturers and students can now experience and enjoy orchestral music classes, which were taught theoretically for so long. Music lecturer Bolla Nobert said, “Each student must have mastered at least one instrument by the end of this course. With the newly donated orchestral instruments, we are equipping them with various practical music skills as it should be in a music class."  

Enabel, through the Teacher Training Education project, aims to produce competent teachers through effective use of acquired management, pedagogical competencies, infrastructure and facilities. This donation by Music Fund will boost the music program at NTC Mubende, improve the teaching and learning experience, and enhance both students’ and lecturers’ musical skills.

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