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Palestine: 10 years LGRDP in the eyes of the local actors and communities

In an overall challenging socio-, economic and political context, local governance is a driving force for promoting both state-building and local economic development in Palestine.

Since launching the "Local Government Reform and Development Program (LGRDP)", Belgium has invested to facilitate and strengthen collaboration mechanisms between local government units, with a particular focus on the smaller local authorities. The collaboration between villages through Joint Service Councils has enabled small local governments to join forces and deliver better quality services to their citizens, engage better with civil society and the private sector, and promote local economic development. 

In some cases, responding to local dynamics also evolves toward the development of new municipalities. This cooperation between local authorities is instrumental in enabling citizens to thrive in a rapidly urbanizing Palestine.

This video showcases the 10 years of LGRDP through the eyes of the local actors and communities. 

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