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Local Government Reform and Development Programme - Phase II


Project summary

In an overall challenging socio-political context, local government is a driving force for promoting both state building and local economic development in the Palestinian Territory. Contributing to both objectives constitutes the backbone of the bilateral cooperation in the Local Government sector in the Palestinian Territory.

Since 2001, Belgium tries to facilitate and strengthen collaboration mechanisms between local government units, with a particular focus on the smaller local authorities. The Local Government Reform and Development Program (LGRDP) started in mid-2011, ran until 2015 and has been followed by a second phase until December 2020. It has continuously adapted itself to the evolving realities and challenges as well as to an increasingly fine-tuned understanding of a highly complex situation.

LGRDP I supported the Ministry of Local Government policies in the collaboration between villages through Joint Service Councils is seen as a first step for capacity building of local governments – in particular the smaller rural local government units – to improve service provision, promote local development, including villages in area C (Israeli controlled).

Through LGRDP II, the Palestinian Authority has adopted several policies as tools for promoting inter-village arrangements and cluster planning processes, which was supported by Enabel and implemented in different clusters. Through ARD (Area Resilience Development) Initiative, part of LGRDP II, formal clustering of villages, municipalities and communities in area C was generated in the framework of designing Cluster’s Development Plan. Such dynamic is directly integrating and strengthening the territory not only seen as a space to be administrated but also as a space for development initiatives.

By end of 2020, and based on the Palestinian and Belgian cooperation, both parties decided to extend LGRDP II, where the programme extension will focus on environment and climate change and contribute to developing more green, resilient, and sustainable municipalities and territories.

Code PZA1303311
Start date 11 June 2015
End date 11 June 2024
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Sector 15110 Public sector policy and administrative management
Budget 15 000 000.00 €

General objective

The general objective is to contribute to the improvement of the management, the development, and the administration system of the Local government sector in the Palestinian territory within a decentralized framework.

Specific objective

The specific objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the capacities of Local Government Units to collaborate in providing services, promoting local development and contributing to territorial integration.


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