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Uganda: Onen quit a Sh.200,000 job to acquire vocational skills and becoming self-employed"

  • I quit a Sh.200,000 job to acquire vocational skills- says Onen

It is said that better the devil you know than the angel you do not know.
But Godwill Onen took the risk of meeting the unknown angel in the hopes that it would be an angel of good fortune and prosperity. He has not been let down.

Onen is 26 years old and stopped in senior two in 2016.
He is from Lotuke Sub County and studies Building Construction Practice at Achangali Technical Institute in Abim.

Onen quit his job as a casual labourer in a bakery in Lira, where he was earning Sh.56,000 per week, because it could not support his lifestyle, which included paying rent of Sh.70,000 per month as well as personal expenses.

"I lived under the constant fear that I would be chased anytime, there was no job security. I chose this course because it will allow me to be self-employed and have a job for the rest of my life," he explains.

He is married but has no children yet which has given him ample time to prepare and study.
Onen advises the youth to appreciate what they have and not give up hope.
"Youth should not waste their opportunities; God's blessings come slowly but steadily," he advises.
His mother gave him the best advice he has ever received, telling him that there are no permanent conditions in life.
"You may experience hardship today but this can change tomorrow. This has taught me to bear anything," Onen says.

Onen is one of several young people benefiting from Enabel's Skilling Uganda program in Karamoja region, which is funded by the Irish Embassy.

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