Institutional Capacity Building project in Planning, Leadership and Management in the Uganda Health sector

ICB Phase II
> Uganda

Knowledge-building video of the project

Leadership and management weaknesses in the health sector were at the basis of the ICB project, aimed at improving health sector performance. The goal was to  initiate improved practices in district health services in the Rwenzori and West Nile regions.
Extensive technical and financial support was given to the Directorate of Planning and Development in the Ministry of Health, with the development of new policies and strategic papers. Health services in the two regions received  medical equipment and transportation means, such as ambulances, utility vehicles and motorcycles. Direct funding to District Health Offices provided support in a performance-based modality. The support to the revitalization of the Health Manpower Development Centre under the project and the introduction of an e-learning system brought important changes to the opportunities for Continuous Professional Development for our health workforce.

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