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Architecture as a key factor for Quality Education

  •  Architecture as a key factor for Quality Education

The quality of education is determined by teachers and their professionalism, the students, the lessons and the way lessons are taught. Exactly what the Teacher Training Education project is focusing on.

It is also influenced by the physical learning environment. Building schools with a favorable learning environment is the priority of the architecture team in the project.

On the picture, two of the construction workers are fine-tuning one of the new classrooms in National Teachers’ College Muni, based in the northern part of Uganda. 

While construction is going on, the project also tries to incorporate cross cutting issues. In Uganda, women are not always afforded the same employment and economics opportunities as men. The picture portrays the story of two committed, female construction workers, setting the example for a more equitable world.  

Text and Picture by Shelley Heugen.

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