Sustainable Agriculture Kigoma Regional Project

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Project summary

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Kigoma Region, employing over 70% of the population, dominated by small-scale farmers, especially women. The major crops are maize, beans, cassava, rice, bananas, oil palm, coffee, tobacco and various fruits and vegetables. Recently sunflower has been introduced in the region.

The agriculture in Kigoma region is characterized by low crop production and productivity, poor service delivery, lack of farmers' organization, poor market access, weak linkages between actors and the lack of active search for supporting each other and achieving a win-win collaboration.

Code TAN1403111
Start date 25 November 2015
End date 24 June 2023
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 31120 Agricultural development
Budget 8 000 000.00 €

General objective

To contribute towards increased local economic development and wellbeing of smallholders in Kigoma region through sustainable agriculture development

Specific objective

A - Smallholders incomes is increased and diversified in Kigoma Region, especially for women, through pro-poor value chains development.
B - ...


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