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Nane nane Kakonko-Kigoma

Nane nane is one of national holiday in Tanzania observed on 8th August each year, also referred to as Farmers’ Day. During this day all Tanzanian are celebrating the contribution of Agriculture in to the national economy. In Tanzania agriculture is termed as the backbone of country economy due to the fact that almost fifty percent of the people living in Tanzania are employed in agriculture sector. National exhibition of Nane nane celebration 2019 was arrange in Simiyu region.

Kigoma, Nane nane (2019) was arranged and organized in three districts Kigoma DC, Kasulu and Kakonko where the show was organization and then executed in three wards Kidahwe, Nyakitonto and Kiziguzigu respectively. This video displays what happened in Kiziguzigu-Kakonko on 8th Aug 2019.

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