"Maisha Bora" - Belgian Food Security Programme for the Districts of Longido and Simanjiro - 2015-2020

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Maisha Bora International Partners: TRIAS

  • Maisha Bora International Partners: TRIAS

What we do

The mission of Trias consists of elevating the socio-economic security and the well-being of family farmers and small entrepreneurs by supporting their member organisations. Furthermore, Trias wants to stimulate a global exchange and a cooperation between farmers and entrepreneurs. 

Trias supports more than one million family farmers and small entrepreneurs in fourteen countries, spread across Asia, Africa and Latin America by reinforcing dozens of upcoming producer organisations and organisations supporting micro-entrepreneurs.

Role in the Maisha Bora Programme

In the Maisha Bora programme, Trias is responsible for the business component.  The idea is to diversify household’s incomes so that they become more robust and have more funds available for nutrition, health and education.  As the two districts have very few opportunities in agriculture, businesses offer an important opportunity to diversify the income of a household. Trias does this by a bottom-up and a top-down approach. 

With its bottom up approach Trias aims at the creation of  around 250 VICOBAs (village community banks) and at supporting income generating groups active in poultry, livestock, honey, leather and food related businesses. We do this by strengthening the capacities of member based organisations MWEDO (Maasai Women Development Organisation), PWC (Pastoralist Women Council), LCDO (Longido Development Organisation) and MVIWATA Arusha, a farmer network active in Arusha region).

we work together with the Manyara and Arusha chambers of commerce in the two districts to improve the business environment.  We do this by strengthening the capacities of the district trade officers and by organizing so called round tables between the business community and the district officials. The end product will be a clear vision on potential sectors in the district and the establishment of an investment fund to support businesses in the two districts.

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