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Maisha Bora Local Partners: Childreach Tanzania

  • Maisha Bora Local Partners: Childreach Tanzania

Childreach Tanzania is a locally registered charity based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region. We operate at grassroots level, working in partnership with government and local communities to implement sustainable, community-led initiatives.  Our work is built around long term goals  to ensure children realize their rights in education, health and child protection.

Education is one of the best tools that can take a nation from poverty to prosperity. Childreach Tanzania focuses on primary education development by improving learning environment, implementing right-based projects, school farming and advocating for the initiation and improvement of school feeding programmes which aim to achieve increased school academic performance, increased enrolment and attendance rates, improvement in pupils’ health status and decreased drop-outs. In the community, we focus on using “agents of change” who will steer positive behavior change in areas of education, health and child protection.

Our Vision
is a world where all children have the opportunity to unlock their full potential in life.

Our Mission
is to improve children’s access to healthcare, education and child protection, to restore children’s rights, to empower children to create positive change, to establish a global movement of child rights supporters and to use our global voice to influence others to act.
In partnership with their international partner WFP, Childreach Tanzania will be implementing the nutrition component (result field 3) of the Maisha Bora programme. Childreach Tanzania will carry out a variety of activities, including sensitization campaigns on nutrition, hygiene and the prevention and treatment of diarrhea and HIV; nutrition education projects at schools; introducing vegetable gardens and construction of water harvesting tanks at local schools; and capacity building of the districts on managing nutrition interventions and preparation of plans and budgets for nutrition.

For more information visit www.childreachtz.org and www.childreach.org.uk

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