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Skilled Young Palestine - Improving Resilience and Job Creation for Youth

Skilled Young Palestine (SYP)
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Project summary

The intervention “Skilled Young Palestine – Improving Resilience and Job opportunities for Youth (SYP)”, aims to contribute to support Palestinian Youth in gaining economic autonomy and building their resilience. The intervention targets vulnerable areas in Palestine and aims to facilitate the transition to employment and self-employment through improving skills and competences among Palestinian youth. There are two main results:

• Result 1 – Increased labour market opportunities for youth by supporting technical skills development in demand
Under this result, the project will build the technical competences of young people through enhancing the partnership between the TVET institutions and the private sector to conduct Continuous Vocational and Education Training – CVET for youth (vocational track). The private public partnership will ensure a skills match between what TVET institutions provide and the private companies demand, following Work Based Learning Scheme. In this component, the private sector will be the driving force for youth employment through supporting the sustainability of CVET by establishing skills development funds within the private sector umbrellas.

• Result 2 – Young people have gained 21st century skills for work and life
Under this result, the project will build the 21st century competences of vulnerable youth through establishing innovation hubs within civil society organizations. These hubs will be highly motivating places where young people receive training on 21st century skills (including entrepreneurship, digital skills and life skills), while being in a creative environment equipped with modern digital and technological equipment that connects to the world and interests of youth. Within this result, two main tracks will be promoted: the employment track (oriented towards building skills for (self-)employment) and the resilience track (building resilience skills).

Geographical area: West Bank - including East-Jerusalem, Gaza Strip

Direct beneficiaries: Palestinian youth, especially vulnerable youth and young women.

Strategic partner: Ministry of Labour
Implementing partners: private sector umbrella organizations, vocational training centres, private enterprises, and community-based organizations

Code PZA1804411
Start date 27 May 2019
End date 27 May 2024
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Sector 11330 Vocational training
Budget 7 500 000.00 €

General objective

The overall objective is increased youth resilience in Palestine.

Specific objective

The specific objective is improved transition of youth to employment and self-employment through improved skills and competences.

Result 1: Increased Labour market opportunities for youth by supporting skills development demanded by the Labour market.
Result 2: Young people have gained entrepreneurship key competences (transferable skills) for work and life.


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