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Palestine: Lama and Ghadir participated in the 2021 Industries Exhibition

  • Lama Musallam and Ghadir Asleem participated in the 2021 Palestinian Industries Exhibition

Lama Musallam and Ghadir Asleem are trainees from Gaza Strip who participated in the “Design and Manufacture of Precious Medals” at the Palestinian Industries Exhibition 2021.
Their participation came as a result of their talent in designing and producing high-quality silver and gold-plated copper crafts which was evident from the high volume of visitors to their booth during the three days of the exhibition.

Lama and Ghadir aspire to complete their training to enter the labour market and has opened opportunities for them in the job market. They are participants at the "Design and Manufacture of Precious Medals" training implemented by the Palestinian Federation of Industries - The Palestinian Federation of Precious Metals - in partnership with Irada Center for Vocational and Technical Education as part of the Skilled Young Palestine programme implemented by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and Enabel.

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