Resilience in Schools of East Jerusalem

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Project summary

RiSE aims to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian community in East Jerusalem by improving access to education, school infrastructure and public spaces. A holistic approach will be used for improving both the physical school environment and wellbeing in the schools, as well as the the creation of adjacent public spaces using participatory methods which enhance ownership, motivation and life skills of students and the wider local community.
The project builds upon the positive results in East Jerusalem of the Belgian funded Schools Construction Program through which 9 schools received rehabilitation in 2016. Within RiSE project, the scope of this Belgian intervention will be broadened with 16 schools but will also include an integral educational approach to foster life skills amongst students in East Jerusalem. Moreover, 6 public spaces will be selected inside, adjacent to or in the vicinity of a school and will be designed and implemented with the active participation of the school and the local community.

Code PZA170421T
Start date 01 June 2019
End date 31 July 2023
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 11120 Education facilities and training
Budget 4 804 638.00 €

General objective

To strengthen the resilience of the community in East Jerusalem by improving access to education and school infrastructure

Specific objective

A - To increase the access to education in East Jerusalem through the creation of a healthy, safe, child and environment friendly education atmosphere involving the end users and the educational communities


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