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Resilience in Schools of East Jerusalem

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RiSE project finalized rehabilitation works in 3 schools

RiSE project finalized rehabilitation works in 3 schools

In Al-Hasan Al-Thany school, Wadi Al-Joz, the space for a Fablab with an external working area was created. In this Fablab the students will receive technological, innovative, and creative training where they can further develop their 21st Century skills.

In Al-Rawdah Al-Haditha, the only public school located in Zaayem suburb, a school extension was built to create 6 much-needed additional classrooms and a counselor room. Until now, the school was mixed only up to 8th grade and girls-only upwards, leaving teenage boys with no option to complete their education locally and leading to a high school drop-out. The new extension will allow them to complete their curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12 within the same school.

In Jabal Al-Mukabber a kindergarten unit was created. With an education in East Jerusalem under constant pressure and ever-increasing threat, offering free early childhood education within Palestinian public schools is a key element to ensure the freedom of choice to follow one’s curriculum and narrative from the start. The whole school, together with 9 extra schools selected for the RiSE project, will be further rehabilitated in 2021.

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