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Graduation ceremony of the Master Craft course

  • Graduation ceremony of the Master Craft course

This week the graduation ceremony of the Master Craft course took place in the Chamber of Commerce in Ramallah.

In 2015, for the purpose of capacity building, Syntra had offered courses to consultants to train mentors for skills development with regards to Work-Based Learning. Now these consultants trained mentors with the skills needed to guide and support apprentices properly in a Work-Based Learning environment. 


More about the Master Craft training:  The role of the Master Crafts persons in the enterprises is of crucial importance. They are responsible for the transfer of knowledge and skills to the apprentices, interns, etc. through different learning means and processes; they are the ones who will make the learning experience one that is significant or not. In such a Work-based Learning set up, they are more than just teachers; they are coaches, tutors and mentors too. Therefore, they need to be properly selected and trained. The selection should be based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) of the workers. Apprentices learn by doing! The MC should be able to create a positive learning environment for the apprentices, interns, trainees, etc. to learn to give constructive feedback, to pass on his/her technical knowledge through active learning techniques, to know how to deal with conflict and so on, in order to properly transfer the knowledge to the apprentices. In a very simplistic way, the MC needs to be able to explain the ‘why’, i.e. the reasoning behind the actions needed to achieve the tasks.

Aim of the service :
Develop and implement a comprehensive toolkit for a training of Master Crafts persons (Private Sector coaches of apprentices) for the SME companies in the Palestinian Territory and this for the different systems of apprenticeships, internships, traineeships, etc.”

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