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Where do we stand after 20 months of activity ?

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After 20 months of operations (out of 48), the CDPR has achieved the following (intermediary) results:  

1. The first Law on Public Investment of Vietnam was prepared with the support of the CDPR. The Public Investment Law (PIL) became effective in January 2015. The CDPR supported many consultation workshops for the finalization of the law as well as training for its implementation. The Law creates a completely new legal framework for the management of the entire public investment process, from investment decision, capital source verification to project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The 2015 Law on Public Investment is referred to as a revolution in the management of public investment in Vietnam.  

2. The project provided support to   the preparation of the decree 77/2015/ND-CP providing instructions for the Medium Term Investment Plan (MTIP).This provided the framework for managing public investment in a multiyear perspective rather than through annual budget.

3. The project provided support to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in the formulation of a decree providing instruction on the implementation of the Law on Public Investment.
4. The CDPR supported MPI in drafting a directive for the preparation of the Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP) 2016-2020 and for MTIP for 2016-2020

5. The project organized training workshops for the 64 provinces of Vietnam in the preparation of the MTIP 2016-2020.

6. The project also supported the preparation of Decision no. 40/2015/QD-TTg defining the principles and criterias for allocating State capital budget for the 2016-2020 period. This is a crucial document which defied the way capital budget will be allocated to different provinces of Vietnam.

7. The project initiated the capacity assessment of the 64 provinces on PIL and MTIP implementation. This was done through questionnaire sent to all the provinces of Vietnam. A capacity assessment of the five pilot provinces of the project was initiated.

8. A website containing all information’s related to the PIL and MTIP for local authorities and line ministries was also launched:

The project overall expenditures as of 31/12/2015 amount to 1,312,185 EUR which gives an execution rate of 33 %.

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