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HCMUT-TBI has a new image

  • HCMUT-TBI has a new image

In the framework of operational sustainability, the BTC funded Science & Technology Start-up Incubator Project BIPP supported the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology - Technology Business Incubation Centre to further excel within Vietnams’ technology startup ecosystem. The university incubator recently partnership with a private sector company “UP” to upgrade the incubator with high-end co-working space facilities.
The joint partnership mission between the University Incubator and UP is to support high quality incubation and co-working facilities for science & technology startups. UP has sound experiences throughout Vietnam in arranging state of the art co-working space facilities.  

The development business plan of the incubator isto provide an ideal destination in HCM for start-ups, VCs, lecturers, students as well as people interested in startups with a wide range of networking activities, workshops, trainings, etc.  

Through the recently completed upgrading and renovation, the incubator strongly supports technology-based start-up businesses and groups, as well as provide potential incubation tenants with a professional working environment to hedge their science & technology ideas for prototyping as well as testing market commercialization. The BIPP project financially assisted the refurbishment of the incubator with partial equipment and furniture

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