Skills and Attitude (S&A), Governance and Anti-corruption (G&A), Covid19 Response (C19)


Project summary

The 'Skills and Attitude (S&A), Governance and Anti-corruption (G&A), Covid19 Response (C19)' (SG+) project is part of a larger EU programme called “Inclusive Green Economy Uptake Programme (GreenUP)”. The Green Up programme contributes to the Ugandan transition toward an inclusive, green and competitive low-carbon economy with the creation of decent green jobs in a number of key sectors, as laid down in the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy (UGGDS). The main 3 priority areas are Support to Uganda's Business Environment; Support to Uganda's Broader Investment climate and the Value-chain Development.

The different components of this programme will be implemented by several partners (Enabel, PSFU, FSDA, FAO, etc.) through various implementation modalities.

As far as the Business Environment Component of the Green Up Programme is concerned, the EU-delegation in Uganda chose to implement two components, namely Skills and Attitude (S&A) and Governance and Anti-Corruption (G&C) in indirect management with a member state organisation (Enabel) with longstanding experience in these sectors and fields, as well as a positive and established track record of relations with the main stakeholders.

Code UGA19003
Start date 08 December 2020
End date 07 December 2023
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 11230 Basic life skills for youth and adults
Budget 4 672 897.00 €

General objective

To help make Uganda's business environment more conducive to inclusive and green investments through increasing the supply of qualified workers, establishing private sector-led initiatives to fight corruption and strengthening the private public sector dialogue.

Specific objective

A - SO 1. Graduates entering the labour market are equipped with adequate skills and attitude leading to further productivity of targeted companies
B - OS 2. Practices, evidence-based dialogue and advocacy within the public and private sector are improved to combat corruption
C - SO 3. Response to Covid19 crisis and resilience of private companies in targeted sectors are enhanced


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