Roll out the National Results Based Financing Policy in the Acholi Sub-Region, Uganda (USAID EHA)


Project summary

The 'Roll out the National Results Based Financing Policy in the Acholi Sub-Region, Uganda' (USAID EHA) project implements the Result Based Financing (RBF) Policy, which shifts the accent from input-based financing of health facilities to output-based financing. RBF rewards health facilities in cash or provides equipment and materials if pre-defined results have been achieved. It also subsidises fees for patients and provides incentives to health workers. RBF payments allow the health facilities to reinvest the revenue and provide new and better quality health services.

The project stimulates both the demand and supply sides of the health services market. It encourages individuals, households, and communities to receive quality health services and vaccines, and health workers to deliver good quality health services.

Simply put, “the money follows the patient”. If a health facility attracts more patients and provides better quality services in a cost-efficient way – it receives more performance-based incentives. This results in an increase of availability of medicines, vaccines, and medical equipment and better accessibility of health services.

At the level of Government of Uganda (GoU) and MoH, the project contributes to nationwide implementation of National RBF Framework, bringing of RBF and health insurance on the agenda of health system reforms, and strengthening of cooperation between Health Development Partners (HDP).

At the level of DLG, DHO, DHMT, MB, and HF, the intervention contributes to positive changes in the strategic areas of health service utilisation, health system management, financial management, human resources, medicines and health supplies, data quality and use.

Code UGA180371T
Start date 22 January 2019
End date 21 January 2024
Stage Execution
Sector 12110 Health policy and administrative management
Budget 8 494 110.07 €

General objective

Contribute to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Uganda

Specific objective

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