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Institutional support for the private-non-for profit (PNFP) health sub-sector to promote universal health coverage in Uganda


Project summary

The PNFP intervention supports implementation of Result Based Financing (RBF) at the level of the Ministry of Health (MoH), District Health Management Teams (DHMT), Medical Bureaus (MB), and private non-for-profit Health Facilities (HF). The intervention is implemented in Rwenzori and West Nile pilot regions of the Republic of Uganda.
RBF is a strategic health service purchasing mechanism that shifts the focus from input-based financing to output-based financing, where health facilities are paid on the basis of their actual output. It also subsidizes fees for patients and provides incentives to health professionals. RBF mechanism allows the health facilities to reinvest the revenue, improve the conditions of operation, and provide new and better quality health services.
At the level of the MoH, the intervention supports establishment and operation of the National RBF Unit within the Department of Planning and Policy, and development of the National RBF Framework. At the level of DHMT and MB, the intervention supports implementation of mentorship, supervision, and internal audit activities. At the level of health facilities, the intervention supports improvement of general management practices, quality and accessibility of services.

Code UGA1302611
Start date 13 May 2014
End date 12 May 2020
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 12110 Health policy and administrative management
Budget Not available

General objective

Contribute to strengthen service delivery capacity at district level to effectively implement PHC activities and deliver the UNMHCP to the target population.

Specific objective

Build the capacity of the MoH to strengthen and effectively implement the partnership with the PNFP sub-sector, supporting its stewardship role and enhancing governance of the sub-sector, in addition to improving the funding and disbursement mechanisms currently utilized by the GoU to subsidize the PNFP and delivering additional financial resources to the sub-sector.


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