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ACP-EU digital connectivity and digital solutions to strengthen the resilience of education, health and Micro, Small and Medium enterprises’ (MSMEs) systems to COVID-19 in ACP countries


Project summary

This action will provide support to facilitate the continuity of education, health services and economic resilience of SMEs through increased access to connectivity and affordability of relevant digital services, including vulnerable or disenfranchised populations, in partnership with ACP relevant digital organisations.

Code SEN20002
Start date 01 May 2021
End date 30 December 2023
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 22040 Information and communication technology (ICT)
Budget 5 046 729.00 €

General objective

To mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Partner Countries

Specific objective

SO 1: Connectivity services are improved to target beneficiaries in order to improve their capacity to deliver services during the COVID-19 crisis
SO 2: Digital services are reinforced to foster the continuity and quality of education and health services
SO 3: MSMEs are supported in their digital transition and assure continuity of business during pandemics


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