Reducing vulnerability to climate change through enhanced community-based biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Province of Rwanda

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Project summary

The COMBIO Project will be aligned and complementary to TREPA -GCF funded project, focusing on creating biodiversity interconnections between the various ecosystems and landscapes of the whole Eastern Province.

Code RWA22001
Start date 15 December 2021
End date 31 December 2027
Stage Execution
Donor Rwanda
Sector 41030 Bio-diversity
Budget Not available

General objective

Contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation through enhanced community based biodiversity restoration and conservation in the Eastern Province of Rwanda

Specific objective

A - Outcome 1 :Restored, enhanced, and protected biodiversity for increased climate resilience in productive and protective landscapes
B - Outcome 2 : Improved livelihood of community through biodiversity-based enterprises and developed value chains
C - Outcome 3 :Strengthened and coordinated community based knowledge and National monitoring systems for biodiversity conservation


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