Thematic Portfolio Social Protection in Central Africa - Rwanda


Project summary

The Thematic Portfolio aims to increase Decent Work and Social Protection for vulnerable people (youth and women) in the Great Lakes region. It builds on the strategic framework of ILO, by improving 4 pillars for Decent Job creation whilst promoting policy development and regional learning. It aims to make steps towards the formalization of informal workers.

Code RWA21002
Start date 20 May 2022
End date 31 May 2027
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Sector 32130 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development
Budget 17 600 000.00 €

General objective

To improve the living conditions and resilience of the most vulnerable populations in the Great Lakes region by investing in social protection systems and decent work, as well as contributing to the promotion of their sustainable and inclusive socioeconomic development.

Specific objective

A - Women and young people of working age in Rwanda have increased opportunities to engage in decent work, to be better protected by labour rights and to benefit from social protection and more inclusive social dialogue


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