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30 staff members trained on Health Management Information System in Rwanda

30 staff trained on Health Management Information System in Rwanda

From 3 to 6th November 2020, Maternal, Child and Community Health (MCCH) Division staff from Rwanda Biomedica Center (RBC) and Enabel’s Health project “Barame” staff have been trained on data analysis and use linked to the Rwanda's Health Management Information System (HMIS).  

Within the four day training, these Health staff improved their competences regarding HMIS data collection tool (Canevas) and data quality as well as MCCH indicators and data analysis tool.    

According to data quality assessment, there seemed to be a gap in terms of data quality, especially with regards to accuracy and reliability. 

Thanks to this workshop, better analysis and use of data can now be produced at central level for evidence-based decision-making; and feedback about the quality of the data collected at district operational (health facility and community) can be transmitted, hence improve the Rwandan health system.

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