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From small farmer to pioneer: Enabel's impact on the pig farming in Rwanda

  • Ntarama Pigs Farm: The farming expedition of Peace Niyoyita
    • Ntarama Pigs Farm: The farming expedition of Peace Niyoyita
    • Ntarama Pigs Farm: The farming expedition of Peace Niyoyita

Enabel, through its agriculture intervention has been instrumental in transforming the pig farming landscape in Rwanda.
The intervention has not only addressed the insufficiency of exotic pig breeds but has also boosted productivity and profitability for pig farmers like Peace Niyoyita.

Peace Niyoyita's journey began in 2017 as a small pig producer with 10 pigs. Today, she is the proud owner of Ntarama Pigs Farm, a medium-scale operation in Bugesera District. Her farm accommodates one of seven pig breeding centres established in 2022 in a partnership between Enabel and Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), and it plays a crucial role in supplying high-quality pig semen to farmers in the district and beyond.

Ntarama Pigs Farm is not just about semen production and distribution; it's also a hub for sourcing top-quality piglets for other producers and fattening pigs for slaughter. In addition to the breeding centre, Niyoyita benefited from Enabel's Business Development Services training, conducted in partnership with the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) in 2023, which equipped her with the financial management and business planning skills necessary to scale up her business and make a real difference in her community.

Niyoyita's journey is a powerful example of how empowering women in agriculture can lead to broader social and economic transformation:
“I conduct field visits for over 500 individuals annually, assisting them in learning and commencing their journey into professional breeding. Our efforts have resulted in permanent employment for eight staff members and over 100 individuals each season. We empower women in our community by training them to raise pigs, fostering their development and growth. This venture is worthwhile for me, and I aspire to establish a small factory to process and distribute high-quality pork products to the Rwandan market and beyond!” Proudly recounts Peace Niyoyita. 

Currently, Ntarama Pigs Farm produces 40 pigs for slaughter, sources 20 piglets for other producers, and provides around 200 doses of semen per month. 

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