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Rwanda: Aiming at creating a decent work force

  • Rwanda: Aiming at creating a decent work force

Since March 2021, Enabel in Rwanda in partnership with Rwanda TVET Board (RTB) through the Urbanization program (UEDi) is implementing a 6-month short dual learning program. The program supports skills development and aims at creating a well skilled workforce in construction sector with more focus on the production and use of Made in Rwanda (MiR) construction materials.

On 12th August 2022, 580 young men and women who pursued the Dual training officially graduated from their respective areas of training. The graduation ceremony was held in IPRC Kigali, and was officiated by various officials from the Ministry of labor, Ministry of Education, and more specifically was attended by the Ambassador of Belgium in Rwanda HE Bert Versmessen.

The training is offered in five trades namely Building construction, Carpentry, Domestic electricty, Welding and Plumbing and it is delivered through the partnership between TVET schools and construction companies & craftsmen. Trainees spend three months at school and the other three months in the workplace. Both school trainers and In company Instructors (ICIs) collaborate to facilitate trainees in acquiring a series of theoretical and practical hands-on skills relevant for the labor market.
Three selected TVET schools that deliver the programs are Ecole des Sciences et Technique – EST Busogo, Ecole Technique Saint Kizito Musha and Saint Martin Gisenyi.

The program targets the most vulnerable youth according to the national livelihood classification {Ubudehe}, category 1 and 2 and ensures that candidates are given a chance to learn skills that would improve their livelihood. 
“Right after I finished my program, I earned a decent job that pays me a significant salary.” Says Cyurinyana Henriette a young girl from Gicumbi District. She added that she saves the earned money in Small livestock which has been her young age dream.  

In addition to the skills development of young graduates through dual training in construction sector, the program reinforces the institutional capacity of RTB by supporting the development or review of curricula and other instructional materials and by contributing to the development of strategic documents.
So far, four construction curricula were supported with the integration of the Made in Rwanda and quality standards (Building construction, Land surveying, Plumbing and Public works) and dual training programs were developed for the five supported trades.

At organizational level, partners including associations, partner schools and companies are supported in the design, implementation and monitoring of participatory dual training. Technical and pedagogical trainings are organized for administrative and technical staff involved in the implementation of dual training.

A  recent investigation shows that 82% of reached graduates, i.e. 195 of  237 trainees reached on phone out of 358 trainees who completed the training program in the 1st two batches have been (self-) employed, and some of them have been hired by companies that have hosted them during the in-company training.  

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