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Urban Development in Rubavu, Musanze and Rwamagana

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Enabel, central authorities and local community identify areas of intervention in infrastructure - Rwanda

The Urbanisation sector of the current Belgo-Rwandan cooperation is focusing on boosting infrastructure in secondary cities. Three districts namely Rubavu, Musanze and Rwamagana, in Western, Northern and Eastern provinces respectively were targeted for this 28 million Euros project dubbed Urban Economic Development initiative (UEDi).  

To scale up the infrastructure, a workshop and urban walk is organized in each district of intervention and brings together Enabel, Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA), District authorities, the private sector and other partners for the identification and  prioritization of quick-wins projects as well as role sharing among the stakeholders.  

With the Urban Walk, we want to understand, together with all the stakeholders, the potentialities of the sites presented by the district and to understand how to work on their development. We want to participate in the construction process of a sustainable vibrant city” Mattias Piani, Intervention Manager, Urbanisation intervention  

In Rwamagana District, a road connecting the handcraft centre to the city centre of Rwamagana is being built under this project which is operating since January 2020.  
“We will benefit from this project as it will enable us creating more jobs from the carpentry workshop; having a new market which will boost our businesses; moreover, citizens will be getting jobs from roads construction” Celestin Munyaneza, Private Sector representative in Rwamagana district  

In Musanze District, construction of the new handcraft centre has recently started and is expected to finish mid-2021. In the city of Rubavu, the construction of interconnecting roads around its handcraft centre is starting soon.  

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