Rwanda Decentralization Support Programme (RDSP) - Enhancing the Capacities of Districts (ECD)


Project summary

Enhancing the capacities of Districts to deliver services and to implement their local economic development

Code RWA1308911
Start date 29 September 2014
End date 28 September 2020
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 15110 Public sector policy and administrative management
Budget 10 850 000.00 €

General objective

Enhance sustainably the capacities of the Districts to deliver services and to implement their local economic development in respect of best governance practices

Specific objective

A - ...
B - Long Term Outcome: Districts' capacity to deliver quality services, including on Local Economic Development, is efficiently and effectively enhanced
C - OC 1A: Improved Local Government Capacity Building Processes and Coordination Mechanism
D - OC 1B: Service Delivery in Local Governments enhanced
E - OC 1C: RGB identified organisational functions supported
F - OC 2A: Local Governments LED infrastructure investments in all Districts are efficiently implemented and sustainably managed
G - OC 2B: LCF well designed, prepared and managed in 4 pilot Districts for LED
H - OC 2C: LODA Institutional Strengthening
I - OC 3A: Inclusive Participation practices in LED processes in 8 pilot districts are strengthened
J - OC 3B: Gender Equality in LED processes is enhanced in 8 pilot districts
K - OC 3C: RALGA Secretariat is strengthened and well-functioning
L - OC 4: The effectiveness of Sector Coordination mechanisms enhanced
M - OC 5: RDSP Performance enhanced and results communicated
N - Contingencies


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