Capacity Development Pooled Fund / Health


Project summary

The Capacity Development Pooled Fund (CDPF) is a multi-donor fund that aims to assure effective coordination of various agencies supporting capacity development initiatives in the health sector. The fund partly finances the implementation of the HRH Strategic Plan. The focus of the CDPF is mainly on the second strategic objective and the approach is to increase the capacity of training institutes at the organisational level. The financial management is assured by the Single Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Health, which manages the external funding for the sector. The contributions of the CDPF are “on plan” since they implement a part of the HRH Strategic Plan, they are “on budget” since they appear in the budget (as external financing) but they are not “on treasury” because they are managed separately from the national budget, with a separate reporting and control system.

Code RWA1208711
Start date 12 June 2013
End date 30 December 2017
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 12110 Health policy and administrative management
Budget 419 600.00 €

General objective

The general objective of the health sector is to manage population growth rate and to enhance population development through enhanced family planning, improved health and nutrition status of the population and strengthened health financing and pro-poor approaches.

Specific objective

A - Expertise


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