Support to Strategic Approach to Capacity Building

SACB 2013-2017
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Project summary

In Rwanda, the mandate of capacity building support in the public sector was transferred to one of the eight autonomous public agencies under the tutelage of MINECOFIN: the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS), which mandate is to guide, facilitate and coordinate the implementation of capacity building interventions in the public sector. In order to support PSCBS to carry out its strategic role, an amount of 4 million € is foreseen for direct support to PSCBS. Decentralization, Energy and Health will also be supported in their CB initiatives under the ICP.

Code RWA1208411
Start date 12 June 2013
End date 10 October 2018
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 15110 Public sector policy and administrative management
Budget 2 500 000.00 €

General objective

The capacities of public institutions and civil servants to deliver effective services are strengthened.

Specific objective

A - The capacities of PSCBS to effectively coordinate the strategic approach to capacity building, in particular in the sectors of Energy, Health and Decentralization, are strengthened


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