Programme d'appui à la mise en œuvre du PSTA II

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Project summary

This programme seeks to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture II (SPAT II). The goal of this programme is similar to the goal of the SPAT II:

Code RWA0907111
Start date 06 December 2010
End date 06 December 2016
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 31120 Agricultural development
Budget 18 000 000.00 €

General objective

Agricultural outputs and incomes increased under sustainable production systems and for all groups of farmers, and food security ensured for all the population.
The programme seeks to contribute to the achievement of the SPAT II goal through its specific objective that is directly linked to the SPAT II goal.

Specific objective

Improved access to advisory services for crops and livestock and access and use of high quality planting materials of food crops for men and women.
Through the improved access to advisory services that facilitate the farmers’ orientation on agricultural output markets, in combination with the use of quality seed, the income from food crops for both men and women farmers can increase. Furthermore as a result of higher yields the programme will contribute to the achievement of the goal of food security in Rwanda.
In the outcome assessment the change in farmer satisfaction with agricultural advisory services, of both men and women, in different wealth classes, will be compared to the starting situation recorded in the baseline study.
The use of high quality seed by agricultural producers will have doubled by the end of the programme compared to the situation at the start of the programme, and the import of high quality seed will have reduced by 50%.


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