Projet d'appui à la reforestation dans les provinces de l'Est et du Nord


Project summary

The program is implemented under MINIFOM and has a double anchorage: (i) at the central level it is part of the National Forestry Authority and aims at strengthening this structure which has been created fairly recently and is currently not yet fully operational; (ii) in 6 pilot districts it aims at promoting decentralized sustainable forest management, an action which is in the process of being launched.

Code RWA0907011
Start date 06 December 2010
End date 06 December 2016
Stage Closed
Donor Belgium
Sector 31210 Forestry policy and administrative management
Budget 6 878 184.91 €

General objective

The implementation of the national forest policy contributes to poverty alleviation, economic growth and environment protection.
Objective verifiable indicators are :
• the increase of the income of the actors of the forestry sector
• the increase of the contribution of the forestry sector to the GDP
• the increase of the ratio “production/ consumption”

Specific objective

The bases of a system of sustainable management of the forest resources of Rwanda are established and needs of the country for forest products are increasingly met.


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