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Enhance Resilience for Micro-businesses and Create Sustainable livelihood Opportunities in the Gaza Strip


Project summary

The protracted political and security situation in Gaza are the predominant factors influencing the economic situation and developments. More than 12 years of siege and closure, restrictions on movement, imports and exports, combined with problems in water and electricity have jeopardized any development in Gaza. In addition, the three destructive wars affected negatively the growth of the Gazan economy. Given this complicated situation, talking about economic growth for Gaza can, in fact, be seen as something unrealistic and unachievable. The business sector at present is too weak and too small to play a dynamic or stimulating role in Gaza. Talking about economic resilience is more applicable and feasible and should be set as priority.

SAWA is a 3-year project with a budget of 1,650,000 EUR, which aims to contribute to economic resilience in the Gaza Strip through enhancing the resilience and sustainability of micro businesses in the Gaza Strip and initiating sustainable and innovative green/circular economy initiatives.

The project will meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable population in marginalized communities through focusing on niches among the initiatives of the selected beneficiaries. In parallel, it will facilitate new economic growth opportunities in the field of circular and green economies by providing green solutions to problems identified by the industrial sector and by creating new business opportunities for innovative green entrepreneurs.

SAWA will be implemented in a partnership with experienced civil society organizations in Gaza Strip following a community-based approach in which their capacity will be upgraded in the field of business development services and green/circular economy allowing them to deliver high quality services to their communities. As such, the project will support the creation of viable and economically sound micro-businesses that are essential for livelihood, self-employment and long-term job creation through providing capacity building, skills enhancement, seed funding coaching and mentoring and technical assistance to vulnerable and marginalized groups.

The project will target unemployed women households and (male and female) youth graduates (up to 29 years old).

Geographical area: Gaza Strip, Palestinian territories
Total cost: € 1,650,000

Code PZA170391T
Start date 19 December 2019
End date 18 December 2022
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 32130 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development
Budget 1 542 058.00 €

General objective

Contributing to Economic Resilience in the Gaza Strip.

Specific objective

Enhanced Resilience and Sustainability of Micro-businesses in the Gaza Strip.


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