Debt for Climate Swap

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Project summary

The intervention will focus on what can be done to improve anticipation, prevention, and preparedness to losses and damages, , in alignment with Result 2 “Losses and damages” of Intervention 1. The approach includes risk management and resilience building and pro-active measures to better understand, avert and minimize risks of losses and damages. In coordination with Mozambican institutions, two main areas of actions have been prioritized with the potential to impact more than 3000 people : 1) the deployment and/or modernization of integrated Early Warning Systems (Country initiative) and (2) the dissemination of Integrated spatial planning to prepare to hazardous events.

Code MOZ23005
Start date 15 December 2023
End date 09 July 2029
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Sector 60061 Debt for development swap
Budget Not available

General objective

GO: Support & institutionally strengthen Mozambique so the transition to a climate-resilient & low-carbon economy is achieved in an inclusive way considering vulnerable communities in rural & urban areas. SO: Mozambican authorities & communities, including women, youth, & other vulnerable groups, are strengthened to actively engage together in cross sectoral coordination, specifically focusing on improved climate proofed public services, enabling policies & initiatives for energy transition

Specific objective

A - Deployment and/or modernization of integrated Early Warning Systems and dissemination of information
B - Support and increase preparedness to hazardous events through development of an integrated forecasting system for floods, cyclones, hydrological droughts in selected territory


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