Study, Expertise and Preparation Facility for Climate Resilience and Energy Transition

STEP Facility

Project summary

This intervention will aim at strengthening capacities and acting as a catalyst for the mobilisation of climate finance for national priorities, in close articulation and synergy with the main intervention.

Code MOZ22006
Start date 20 June 2023
End date 28 June 2028
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Budget Not available

General objective

GO: Support & institutionally strengthen Mozambique so the transition to a climate-resilient & low-carbon economy is achieved in an inclusive way considering vulnerable communities in rural & urban areas. SO: Mozambican authorities & communities, including women, youth, & other vulnerable groups, are strengthened to actively engage together in cross sectoral coordination, specifically focusing on improved climate proofed public services, enabling policies & initiatives for energy transition.

Specific objective

A - Result Area 1: The capacities of Mozambican public actors, as well as youth, women and civil society organisations, to promote ambitious climate action and mobilize climate finance for the implementation of the country’s climate plans are strengthened, through knowledge generation, studies, and technical assistance


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