Multi-Stakeholder approach for climate resilience and energy transition

Climate Energy

Project summary

This intervention aims at supporting an inclusive, evidence-based policy dialogue on climate resilience and energy transition. Lessons learned from water, energy, losses and damages and waste management/ circular economy feed the policy dialogue which in turn influences local solutions, creating a feed-back loop.?

Code MOZ22005
Start date 20 June 2023
End date 01 January 2028
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Budget Not available

General objective

GO: Support & institutionally strengthen Mozambique so the transition to a climate-resilient & low-carbon economy is achieved in an inclusive way considering vulnerable communities in rural & urban areas. SO: Mozambican authorities & communities, including women, youth, & other vulnerable groups, are strengthened to actively engage together in cross sectoral coordination, specifically focusing on improved climate proofed public services, enabling policies & initiatives for energy transition.

Specific objective

A - Result Area 1 : The GoM, local authorities, communities and civil society are strengthened to improve the formulation, adoption, and implementation of evidence-based policies and initiatives to build climate resilience and just energy transition
B - Result Area 2: The GoM, local authorities, communities and civil society are strengthened to design, resource, and implement evidence-based climate resilient and low-carbon oriented plans and budget with a focus on anticipating risks of losses and damages
C - Result Area 3 The access to sustainable and clean public energy services, especially in off-grid areas, is improved by learning from existing infrastructures and interventions, testing innovations and innovative business models, promoting the involvement of the private sector, and by facilitating additional investments in renewable energy provision
D - Result Area 4: The sustainability of climate-resilient drinking water supply and solar-powered irrigation systems in rural areas is improved through an appropriate engagement and support from districts, provinces, private sector, and local communities
E - Result Area 5 The GoM and the related actors involved in municipal waste management system at local level are supported and implement the national programme for sustainable waste management and promote a circular economy in selected municipalities and at national level


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