Public Finance Management for Service Delivery: Technical Assistance to GTAF


Project summary

Building on the positive results of the GTAF III project, Enabel aims at capitalising the results yield so far, to improve the PFM system in the sector, by providing technical support to improve the planning and budgeting process, by focussing on the main objective of the sector, that is providing more and better primary health services to the population. Whilst the production of services is mentioned in the main objective of the Health National Strategy, the perspective is neither integrated in the planning and budgeting system nor is the focus of the dialogue between donors and government.
Bringing the attention to this basic definition and use it to drive the policy formulation as well as the budget formulation is the ultimate objective of a functioning PFM system: offering tools to implement the government (fiscal) policy.

Code MOZ20002
Start date 01 January 2021
End date 16 November 2023
Stage Closed
Donor Flanders
Sector 12110 Health policy and administrative management
Budget 807 965.00 €

General objective

To contribute to the improvement of the Public Financial Management of the Ministry of Health by providing systemic and evidence-based advice to the Ministry

Specific objective

A - TA to DAF and DPC for GTAF, PFSI ThWG and PFM strengthening activities for dialogue
B - Capacity development for data analysis for policy–based budgeting
C - Communication Strategy for PFM for Service Delivery


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