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Climate-Smart Development in Mozambique: Using Renewable Energy for Sustainable Access to Safe and Affordable Drinking Water in Gaza Province

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Project summary

Enabel proposes a wider reaching and crosscutting project aimed at climate-smart access to safe and affordable drinking water for vulnerable populations in Gaza through the combination of renewable energy, desalination where required, empowerment of communities and involvement of local economic stakeholders in the establishment, management and operation of water supply net-works. The vulnerability of the selected communities to climate change due to their low-lying topography, lack of general infrastructure, and prolonged droughts as well as occasional floods is exacerbated by the increased pressure on natural resources due to the recent resettlement of people displaced by previous floods in 2003 and 2013. The complexity of these factors compelled Enabel to opt for an innovative systemic approach to improve climate-resilient access to water and sanitation with climate co-benefits by investing in climate adaptation as well as mitigation.

Code MOZ19001
Start date 01 May 2019
End date 30 October 2021
Stage Execution
Donor Flanders
Sector 23030 Power generation/renewable sources
Budget 0.00 €

General objective

To contribute to climate resilient social and economic development of vulnerable populations in Gaza Province.

Specific objective

Improve sustainable access to safe and affordable drinking water through a systemic approach en-compassing renewable energy, healthy living, empowerment of communities and local economic stakeholders.


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