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Projet pilote répondant aux pénuries de main d’œuvre grâce à des modèles innovants de mobilité

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Project summary

The pilot project fully addresses one of the core objectives of the AMIF, by supporting legal migration of Moroccan citizens to an EU Member State, namely Belgium, in line with the labour market needs of the latter, and specifically of the Flanders Region, while at the same time promoting the effective integration of Moroccan citizens in the specific cities where they will be working while in Belgium. The pilot project also aligns with important global goals such as better migration management in line with the migration related targets of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. It also aligns with the overarching framework of EU external migration policy, the European Agenda on Migration and the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility, as we will describe further on.

Code BEL180741T
Start date 01 March 2019
End date 30 March 2021
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 43081 Multisector education/training
Budget Not available

General objective

The overall objective of this action (from now on: pilot project) is to facilitate the cooperation between Belgium and its partner countries in the management of regular migration through the implementation of a sustainable and innovative pilot mobility scheme able to address labour market needs and strengthen the capacities of employment institutions.

Specific objective

The specific objectives of the pilot projects are (i) to support the mobility of ICT Moroccan workers in the Flanders region to address its labour shortages; (ii) to strengthen the capacities of Moroccan employment and job-placement institutions, with focus on the ANAPEC; (iii) to enhance Moroccan ICT workers’ skills and employability in Morocco and for the international market.


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