Wehubit 2.0


Project summary

The Wehubit 2.0 programme is Enabel’s flagship D4D/innovation programme working on Digital Social Innovations (DSIs). Focusing on implementing and scaling up existing DSIs stemming from a variety of actors within the innovation ecosystems of partner countries and regions, Wehubit supports partner organisations throughout Africa. Apart from providing financial supports to partner organisations, Wehubit 2.0 has a pillar dedicated to knowledge exchange and capacity building, stimulating partner organisations to ensure the sustainability of the projects they implement while actively applying the programme’s guiding principles.

Code BEL22009
Start date 01 October 2023
End date 31 May 2027
Stage Execution
Donor Belgium
Sector 22040 Information and communication technology (ICT)
Budget Not available

General objective

To contribute to the SDGs through digitalisation

Specific objective

A - SO1 : The supported DSIs contribute to addressing existing digital (gender) gaps, digital inclusion and other societal challenges.
B - SO2: To enable national and regional entities (i.e. government, academia, CSOs & private sector associates) to contribute to national and regional innovation ecosystems.


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