VET TOOLBOX 2: Enhanced Delivery of Demand-driven Skills Development for Investment in Africa

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Project summary

The action contributes to improving the investment climate in selected African countries but is first and foremost an opportunity-driven action, which aims to turn investments into drivers for inclusive economic growth, social development and decent job creation. Investment-flows from the European Union into African countries offer an opportunity for national economies to increase their share of local value addition and local job creation.
The action will be implemented through three intervention areas: 1) Enhanced dialogue on employment oriented skills development and VET between vocational training institutions, companies, national institutions and relevant associations benefitting from European investments such as European Commission investment programmes in Sub Saharan Africa. 2) Capacity building and training for demand driven skills development and VET including the support of local training providers, as well as strengthening in company training among other activities. 3) Stimulated knowledge exchange on lessons from practical experience in delivering employment oriented skills development and VET in investment contexts.
The action will promote employment through skills enhancement along private sector investments, in cooperation with private and public sector actors in 11 countries.

Code BEL1901011SP1
Start date 01 September 2020
End date 29 August 2024
Stage Aborted
Donor European Union
Sector 11330 Vocational training
Budget Not available

General objective

The overall objective of the action is to support human capital needs of value & supply chain development and investment programmes in selected countries in sub Sahara Africa.

Specific objective

The specific objective of this action is to enhance delivery of demand-driven skills development and VET catering for investment needs in selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa; through targeted skills development and VET programmes.


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