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EU digital solutions to strengthen the resilience of education and health systems to COVID-19 in the Eastern, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Region

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Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute (RTTI), partner in digitalising TVET education in Rwanda

  • Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute (RTTI), partner in digitalising TVET education in Rwanda
  • Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute (RTTI), partner in digitalising TVET education in Rwanda

Within the framework of the Resilience to COVID-19 Action, Enabel as implementing partner has joined forces with RTTI (Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute) to develop content for TVET centers. To clearly understand what it means to partnership in this kind of context, meet Maria Bernadette M. Ramos, project leader (Senior TVET Specialist).

Located at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) Kicukiro, Rwanda Technical Teachers Training Institute (RTTI) has been established in 2018. Since then, this training institute has provided regular updates in technical skills, a boost for vocational and technical teachers who have been using the old curriculum. On a permanent basis the institute hosts over 60 Technical and Vocational Education Teachers for trainings in pedagogical skills in respective areas of profession for a period of two weeks. The objective is to gather teachers to be trained and obtained a specific certification.

Within the framework of the RESICODI project, TVET certificate courses are currently being digitalised and uploaded on the Rwanda Polytechnic platform. The aim is support trainers in the implementation of blended learning regarding their teaching approach. From her opinion, this approach could not only benefit students but also teachers that will bring their teaching method to the next level.  As highlighted by Maria Bernadette M. Ramos, the biggest challenges at this point are time and getting access to a good connection and infrastructures in every district. Nevertheless these limitations do not discourage RTTI and Enabel in their joint efforts to deliver qualitative and easy content for senior teachers. 

About RESICODI (Resilience to COVID-19 through digitalisation)
In response to the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission and the High Representative announced an EU global response strategy to fight the pandemic in April 2020. Part of the EU COVID-19 emergency response is the Action “Resilience to COVID-19 through Digitalisation” (RESICODI). This Action is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is jointly implemented by Enabel and GIZ (Team Europe Approach).

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