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Extension of the EU Expert Facility on Employment, Labour and Social Protection (SOCIEUX+)


Project summary

This Action is intented to prolong in time and resources the current project Socieux+, a demand-driven facility which provides short-term, peer-to-peer technical assistance in support of EU partner countries’ efforts to set up effective employment, labour and social protection strategies. It draws primarily (but not exclusively) on the expertise of public institutions of EU Member States to assist staff from administration in the partner countries.

Code BEL20002
Start date 08 July 2020
End date 07 July 2024
Stage Execution
Donor European Union
Sector 16010 Social/welfare services
Budget Not available

General objective

The main objective of the extension is to respond to the increasing demands for expertise from partner countries, especially middle-income countries, while at the same time stepping up strategic coordination with geographic actions. The extension also intends to provide additional resources for the knowledge development component, currently done by FIIAPP, which has received so far limited attention and has been evaluated as a weak point of Socieux+.

Specific objective

The specific objective of this project is to support EU partner countries in developing employment and social protection policies, strategies and schemes that are more inclusive, effective and sustainable.
Expected ouputs:
• Institutional capacities of employment, labour and social protection, institutions are strengthened and reinforced ;
• Enhanced public capacities for improving access to employment and social protection to groups in poverty and vulnerable situations ;
• Awareness and knowledge on social protection and decent work is increased ;
• Enhanced regional coordination due to geographic actions.


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